Filipino Maids

Finally, the ban on export of Filipino maid from the Philippine is lifted. In the past few weeks, the Philippines government has carried out a series of action to eliminate rogue employment agency in an effort to protect its labour which include the maid.

In Singapore, the maid is officially called foreign domestic workers. It is called foreign as probably no Singaporean works as a maid and maid, like other foreign labour, will need to apply for a work permit in order to work in Singapore legally.

It is called domestic as the maid will live in the same house as the employer.

Filipino maids are known for their professionalism and this is a well-known fact in the world. While some people thinks lowly about the job, but many Filipino maids are proud of their job. In fact, there is not low or high job, as long as it is legal, everyone can be proud of it.

Because of this, employers in Singapore also like to hire them.

Singaporean employers like Filipino maid for another reason: Filipino maids can speak relatively good English – an official language in Singapore. This makes it easy for the employer to communicate with them and save a of time and trouble as well as many unnecessary conflicts.


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